Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Typical Refrigerator conversation

I generally know where most things are located.
The refrigerator is the exception; it is more like the great abyss, dive in and perhaps get eaten.

If I was the only one using the refrigerator, I might be able to control the chaos, but it isn’t that easy, and generally there is a conversation about it.
Sometimes, it’s a one-way conversation.

“Why is there an empty orange juice container in the Frig?”

“To remind you to get more.”

“Why is there 1 Tablespoon of soda left in the 2 liter bottle?”

“I thought I’d leave some for you.”

“Why are there candles in the freezer?”

“They are for the dinner party. You freeze cheap candles for 24 hours and they won’t drip.”

“Why are there 4 jars of half eaten Queso dip in the Frig?”

“I didn’t think I had any left.”

“I left an ├ęclair in the frig. Where is it?........ Who ate my ├ęclair?”

“Who put the can drink in the freezer? Someone else is going to clean that.”

“Why do I have to smell it to see if it’s good? It expired 3 weeks ago.”

“Mom, is the milk good?”

“If it’s in the refrigerator, it’s good.”

“Why is the cat food in the frig?”

“They didn’t finish their dinner.”

“Why is there an empty milk jug in the frig?" No answer.

“So that’s where I left my cell phone…”

(Not really, but if I can drop one in a glass of iced tea, this would be the next logical, disastrous choice.)

I'm sure this never happens to you... Let me hear from you at aitken.helen@gmail.com.

I hope you have a Martha Stewart's Refrigerator kind of day... you know, perfect.

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