Thursday, December 30, 2010

I love a great purse!

It has to be the greatest woman's companion.
Ask for a safety pin, flashlight or tire iron and it's in there.

Purses come in as many names as their purpose: a sac, a bag, handbag, clutch, messenger, backpack, pocketbook, tote, hobo, or satchel.
They can be functional or funky: large enough for a car key, credit card and lipstick, or pack up for the weekend.

I prefer the one that fits the kitchen sink.

Here are a few of my favorite designer looks: Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Channel, Dooney and Burke, Michael Kors, Bally, Armani, Fendi, Fossil, Guess, Hermes, DKNY, Burberry and Aigner.

I know there are others, but unless they are deeply discounted, or from the street carts in New York, I don’t bother to look.

I love a good knockoff.

My purse is my lifeline: a wallet, notepads, books, phone, sunglasses, Mtn. Dew and lunch.
If I am stranded, at least I’m comfortable.
Now where is that flare gun?

Purses come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Textures and fabrics vary as much as the strap length. Faux fur (not to be confused by fox fur) and leather are great choices.
Pleather may be out but the new vinyls are remarkable, just don’t’ leave them close to the stove.
I melted off the leather grain on my favorite one.

I even give purses for birthday gifts.
Today is Heather’s birthday (my niece), and I gave her a black hobo handbag.
I liked the purse so well, I almost kept it- Tiger liked it too.

The purse had been in a shopping bag, stuffed with paper, in the bedroom.
The cats had to check it out. I heard the rustling of paper, and Tiger was inside.
He created a new kind of purse, the “Cat-a-tote”-not to be confused with “catatonic”, because if Tiger’s head got caught in the straps, the neighbors would have heard about it.

Thankfully, Heather liked it well enough to keep it and she didn’t mind a few cat hairs.

My sister Jane swears that each time she sees me, I have a new purse and that my closet is filled with hundreds more.
That’s absurd; the closet door may not shut, but it’s because of the shoes.
However, that’s another story.

Hope your day is like my purse, filled with great treasures. Email me at

I'd love to hear what's in your purse.

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  1. Great, great post! Even if my name wasn't mentioned, I would still say it is great! Without a purse, an outfit is never complete! You are so funny and correct- a purse IS a lifeline! Ask any mother and I bet she has a stash of candy and/or a snack in there. Need a pen? In my purse. Need a camera? Check the purse. Need a way to fix your car/house/helicopter without going to the store? You know where to look~ I love a great purse, too!