Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Book with a Different Cover

One of my hats has the label Down East Rep. for the N.C. Writers’ Network.  
I have several members that I try to corral for meetings and special events.       
Last October I thought it would be nice to host a writers’ night out.                                          
After months of preparation, logistics, food, authors signing and selling their books, and 2 great guest speakers, exhaustion took over.  It was a wonderful event.

One of my new friends, Cara North, an Erotica books author, and owner of 
Tease Publishing Company, set up a table with different books. 

I approached her with timid curiosity.
“I’ve never read any erotica.  How did you come up with so many “ideas” for the book?

She told me that she got started writing this genre because her Marine husband was always being deployed and that it filled a certain need while he was away.

“Don’t think I know all the positions I write about,"she said.  
"A friend sent me sex therapy books that shows different positions.  
When I need to use one, I let the book fall open to any page and that’s what ends up in the book.”

With that, she gave me two of her books and said, “Read them and let me know what you think.”

I tucked the books in a book bag that ended up on the bedroom floor.

A couple of days later, Scott found the books- they had interesting, seductive covers.
He picked up one and began reading it.
He got about half way through before putting it back in the bag.

Scott found me at the computer.

“I saw some interesting books in the bedroom, where did they come from?”

“You must mean Cara North’s books,” I said smiling.
“She writes erotica, and since I had never read that, she gave me some books to read.”

“Well, as soon as you read them, come find me.”

Read any good books lately?   I'd love to hear all about them.  Email me at

Maybe Cara North would like to hear from you too.  She's on Facebook.

Have a great day.

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