Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Deeds

I try to do good things for others.  Really, I do.

Somehow, I get slapped in the face with my good deeds.

As an example, I did my husband’s laundry.  
Usually he does his own- a chore, I vehemently recommend that a wife not do.

However, Scott was away on a business trip for 5 days, and I thought it would be a nice gesture to take care of his stinky clothes.
I did what he always does to the laundry; put all of them together in 1 load.

There was a small rug in the washer. 

It was cotton rug woven with blocks of color, primarily in shades of burgundy.
The rug had been washed at least 2 times, so I didn’t think about it until the laundry was finished.

You already know what happened.

Scott’s two light gray sweatshirts became a lovely tint of pink.

One was a souvenir from London, and the other one was from his Marine Corps days at ICAF (International College of the Armed Forces) in Washington, D.C.  
He won’t wear anything else.

I put them in the washer with some Clorox, twice. 
Nothing changed.

During the process, I spilled Clorox on two of Scott’s medium blue, short sleeve Polo shirts. 
Immediately, I ran cold water over the areas, but it was too late.  

Scott liked to wear these shirts too.

I didn’t tell Scott about the sweatshirts or the Polo shirts. 

He found the sweatshirts the day after he got home, and I almost detected a quiver in his voice when he called me on the phone. 
“I see you did my laundry while I was away.  My sweatshirts are pink. You know these are my favorites.  Will you be able to fix it?”

“I’ll look for something to take out the color.  Otherwise, I’ll Clorox them.”

“Ok.  By the way, did you take out all the receipts from my jeans’ pockets?”

“Uuhh, yea.” 

Oops.  The receipts were in the jeans, washed, and I found the pieces in the dryer.  
They were tossed- I hope he didn’t need them.

I guess I’m zero for three here.  Scott hasn’t seen the shirts. The sweatshirts are still pink and the receipts were shredded and thrown away.

I guess I’ve done all the good deeds I need to do for Scott this week.

Have you done any good deeds lately?  Let me hear about them at

Have a great day.

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