Friday, January 14, 2011

I think like me...

I like to think that I am an independent thinker.
I have been unconventional all my life- even before the feminist movement.

When my 6th grade peers liked blue, my favorite color was red and it still is.

I don't really follow trends, so when crop pants go out of style, they will still be my favorite pants to wear, and flip-flops will be my shoe choice.

I suppose I do not like being told what to do either.
When someone says, “jump”, I say “Are you kidding me, I’ll fall and break something I’ll need later.”

Some might think that I am a tad stubborn.   
 Ok, I can agree with that.

I like to know why I should do this or that, before I have to do it.  
More importantly, I need to know if  it will hurt?

I am also a fussy eater. 
Do not ask me to eat seafood, anything slimy, vegetables I can’t spell, humus, or anything that smells like a wet dog. 

I like what I like, and life is too short to eat something that I do not want to eat.

However, I am open to lots of suggestions like “Want to go to lunch?” or “I’m going shopping, want to go?” or “Let’s go on a trip.” 

I suppose then I would make me dependent, but that would be my independent choice.

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Have a wonderful day of independence.

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