Thursday, January 20, 2011

It didn't stay in Vegas...

Recently, my husband Scott went to Las Vegas on a business trip.

He’s never gambled, nor had a desire to see any of the shows.
The only thing he wanted to do was watch the football playoffs in his room.

He told me about the "all you can eat steak breakfast buffets" for $5.00, but with his schedule, he never had a chance to eat any.  
I would have made time for it every morning.

He would rather spend money on a John Deer riding lawn mower that is $1800. 
However, he has just admired that mower at the hardware store for 4 years…

In his free time, he and some of the other guys strolled along “The Strip”.
Solicitors would entice walkers to go to shows by thrusting a business card or flyer in their hands.
He received a flyer or two. 
The other guys never got anything- they kept their hands in their pockets.  

The Bellagio Hotel was on his list to see, along with the famous dancing water fountains out front. 
He toured the hotel and uncharacteristically said, “I’d like to play a slot machine.”
He was looking for the kind with an arm he could pull down, but they had long been replaced with electronic versions. 

He placed a dollar in one. 
Not knowing how to use them, he tapped several buttons and then waited. 
The machine lit up, bells went off, and he won $7.00.   

Rather than coins dropping in a tray, a paper voucher was ejected. 
Scott decided to bring back the voucher as a souvenir.

My sister Judy, who likes to gamble, might tell him that he should have cashed it and then played the winnings in hopes of winning more.  
She would have insisted that he was on a winning streak.

Today, Scott sent me the website for a robotic lawn mower. 

Robomow is eco-friendly, runs by itself, and costs about $1800.
It is Roomba’s outdoor cousin, and it would be great having a sibling.

It would also be great entertainment; we could sit on the porch sipping iced tea and watch it scare the cats as it trims away all those dandelions. 
 It would be better than watching a Vegas magic show.

If only Scott had cashed that voucher…

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Have a great day.

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