Friday, January 7, 2011

Just one of those days

Ever have one of those mornings that should end back in bed?
I had another Lucy and Ethel morning where I was both Lucy and Ethel.

My kitchen smells like Tide laundry detergent; it’s a great smell.

There was a slight industrial accident...

I was trying to pour a new bottle of Tide HE, 96 loads detergent into an empty Cheer HE, 64 loads bottle. The Cheer bottle was smaller than the Tide bottle, so I made a mental note to not over pour.
Potential mistake #1.

You know what’s coming next.

I got out a large funnel, placed it in the Cheer bottle, sat it over the stove eye and began to pour.
Ok, this would be mistake #2, pouring over the stove…

The Tide bottle gulped in air and burped out a stream of detergent all over the stove, not once but 3 times.
It was like seeing blue projectile vomit.

Once that was under control, the detergent flowed into the right bottle, a little too fast.
Before I could catch my breath, the bottle began to overflow, and I was still filling it.
Blue smelly detergent went everywhere.

I panicked. Mistake #3.

I stopped pouring and tried to lift the Cheer bottle to the sink, dribbling detergent on the floor, over floor mats, on the counters and down the front of the sink cabinets.
The bottle was slippery and it dropped on top of some dishes in the sink, spilling more of the $21 precious liquid.

I removed the funnel from one bottle and stuck it in the Tide bottle, so I could scoop up the excess liquid off the Cheer bottle and flick it back into the funnel.
I’m sure this looked stupid.

Once the liquid was semi-contained, the task was to mop up the detergent, clean the floor, all the burners and stovetop, and then the slick containers.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere and 2 hand towels later, everything was cleaner and smelled great, but the soap wouldn’t come off my hands.

Towel #3 scrubbed my hands. The towels went in the washer with some other laundry. No soap needed.

Was there a lesson learned? Next time, I’ll stay in bed.

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Have a great day.

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