Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Horns are showing

Do you ever like “starting something”?
You know, mentioning a little tidbit from the past, telling a funny story, or embarrassing your son/daughter in front of their friends.

Facebook is a great place to do this.

I’ve decided to scan in as many family photos into my computer and then post them on Facebook with great captions.
This will take some time because the camera went everywhere with me, and I was always taking pictures.
So, I am not seen in most of them, understand?

Today, I posted my son and niece at age 2, dressed up in their Halloween costumes.
It was precious, priceless and yes, should cause a great stir among their Facebook friends.

I could be the phantom poster, ready to show tell-all photos from the past at any time.
People would beg me to give them more.

Family would disown me.
Would that be a bad thing?

I wouldn’t post things that shouldn’t be shown, like bathtub photos.
Only those that haven’t been seen in public for many years… I have boxes full.

If my mother knew about this, she would say, “Your horns are showing”.

There’s nothing like bringing the family together for a wonderful discussion…

Let the fireworks begin.

I'd love to hear about the photos you wouldn't show on Facebook. Write me at

You might like to see my Facebook photos.
Have a great day.

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