Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pup Corn

Pup Corn is dog treat.
It's shaped like a dog, and is the equivalent of compressed Styrofoam.

The label says “Low Fat, low sodium, low calories.  A healthy dog treat.”  

They come in the artificially flavored cheese and peanut butter, and smell like the flavor but look like Cheetos.
They have the crunch-ability of pork rinds, and I’m sure they cause dry mouth too.
My dogs head for the toilet bowl after each handful.

I like things for either a particular flavor or the crunch.

Maybe they like the flavor and the crunch.
That would make them Pup Corn connoisseurs…

Pup Corn would make great packing material.

Just think, buy these expensive treats, pack up Christmas valuables in them, let them sit at the post office for months and there will be no difference in the snacks- both people and dogs get a treat.

They might be useful as silica gel to absorb excess moisture and then the dogs will have a wet snack.

I wonder what they would look like if they got wet.
Would they expand like a dehydrated sponge or melt away?

I think a test is in order.

At 10:15 am, I placed 1 piece of Pup Corn on a plate and then wet it.
10:20, nothing changed- no sponge explosion.
10:25, it finally began soaking up the water.
10:30, the pup had multiplied in size and looked nasty. It felt slimy too.

Check out the dry and wet Pup Corn.

I gave each dog, a dog on the plate.
There was no discriminating taste.
Both were gobbled up voraciously, and Duke and Kaiser asked for more.

Oh the things a dog will eat.

I wonder what Cheetos would do.
 Back to the kitchen.

I also wonder what Pup Corn would taste like but I'm not that brave.  If you've tried it let me know at aitken.helen@gmail.com.
I hope you have a tasty day.

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