Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Roomba machine

I have little time for house cleaning.  
Not that I wouldn’t find an excuse to keep from cleaning, but having pets in the house, coupled with a messy husband and son, I need help-any kind of help.

A bright idea hit me while roaming in Bed Bath and Beyond.  
On a video, I saw a robotic vacuum cleaner performing tasks, and I was mesmerized. 
I watched the video twice to be sure the machine actually worked. 

I had to have one.

At the time, I was Christmas shopping for others.  
I left the store with the dream of a robot cleaning my floors, but driving home the dream magnified into a necessity. 

A day later, a 20% coupon arrived in the mail from B. B. and B., and I could use it on the Roomba, IRobot and get free shipping! 

The box arrived about 2 weeks before Christmas. 
I charged it, set the time for automatic cleaning everyday, and away it went. 

It cleaned under the bed, coughed a little but mustered on.  It cleaned along baseboards and over rugs and on the hardwood floors; four rooms and a hallway on one charge lasting 1 ½ hours.

 It zigzagged across surfaces sometimes in a straight path but other times it curved, sensing an object in its path, slowing down and spinning it’s insect-like feelers to move dirt towards the vacuum.  

When the brushes are clogged, or it gets stuck, a female voice gives special commands.

 As it vacuums, it hums the melody of Star Wars.  
No joke, I thought I was hallucinating so I followed it and sure enough Star Wars played.
These engineers have a great sense of humor.

 It is so automatic that it will dock itself on the charging station and makes the appropriate “Charge” bugle call in a techno way.  Well, why not?

Each time it docks, I change a full canister; it’s cleaning more and more stuff off my floor, and I think I may even dust less.
Heaven forbid, I said “dust”, another job I don’t do.

Every day, Roomba works for me without a complaint or extra pay.

It is my Christmas miracle.

Do you like to vacuum?  Tell me all about it at

I hope you have a dustless day.

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