Monday, January 10, 2011


  I’m so excited to see it on the ground and falling in gentle flakes- my mother would say it’s a good sign that it will keep falling for a long time. 
We'll see.

Typically, when the weatherman predicts some snow, it falls. It melts, and I don’t get to see it, or play in it either. 

I can’t tell you the last time I made a snowman. 

However, the idea of picking up two hands full and smushing it into a ball to throw at someone is amazingly appealing- no matter how old I am.

Snow is almost unheard of in coastal North Carolina.  

We don’t drive in it.  

When there is ¼ inch on the ground, everything is canceled: stores, schools, social functions and all. 

My minivan... can't go anywhere.

This sounds strange, but the only snow pushing vehicles come from friendly farmers that hook up tractor parts to their trucks and push an opening down the road...

We were taught to stay home and enjoy the snow.

Of course, when I was little, we would go out in the snow, soak every hat, coat and gloves. 

The dryer would work overtime and we would get pneumonia and miss 3 days of school because of the fun we had.  

Mother expected it and her homemade vegetable soup was the ticket to getting well again.


You know no two snowflakes are alike. 

My front yard.
Each beautiful crystal forms a unique six-sided structure that may look delicate or hazardous.  

Try to cut one out of paper… you fold in half, then fold into thirds, like a fan; it’s harder than you think, that’s why children’s snowflakes have 8 points- they don’t know their “thirds” yet.


I’m happy, happy, happy.   
This is Tiger and he isn't fond of the snow.

 I just found a jar of Russian Tea, and it’s time to have a cup.  
The recipe is in a previous post, if you want some too.  
 I suggest you make a cup and reread some of my daily adventures- another one will come tomorrow. 

Keep warm and make a snowball just for me.  Have a wonderful day and let me know about it at or on Facebook.

Snow!  It's a good thing.....

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