Monday, February 7, 2011

Death in the Kitchen

“Scott, I think the microwave is broken.”

 Scott was lying on the couch laughing enough that his shoulders were moving up and down.  Silently I knew he was thinking, I had broken another household appliance.

“I didn’t do it.” 

He got up and walked into the kitchen.

“Look, none of the buttons will work.  You try.”

Scott pressed the number 5 and it appeared on the screen.  Then he pressed all the other buttons and nothing happened.  “It’s like all the buttons have been pushed in and won’t pop back out.  Are you sure you didn’t hit it or something?”

“I’m positive.”

“Well maybe it got tired of being a storage cabinet for all the cookies and crackers.”

“The oven and microwave are the only two places I can hide food from the dogs.”

“Well, this is definitely broken, so we better buy one tomorrow.  I guess we won’t have any popcorn with the movie tonight.”

“Do you know how long we have had the microwave?  Thirteen and a half years. 
I think it died of natural causes.  It was a great storage cabinet.”

Moments later…

“Scott, the fan on the stove just turned off.  I promise I didn’t do anything.  You see me sitting at the computer.”

Scott walked from the sofa to the kitchen and began playing with the knobs on the stove.

“It’s getting spooky around here.   Ok, I got the fan to work.”

I’m sure Scott doesn’t want me to touch anything else, but our 19 inch television has been around just as long as the microwave and a circle of yellow appears over people’s faces…

“Scott I think we need a new television.  Do you want me to touch it?”

Saturday, we came home with a new microwave and TV. 

Now, I think the stove needs its plug pulled.

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Have a wonderful day.

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