Friday, May 18, 2012

Divine Lights

One of the spookiest things to see is a cemetery at night. 
Not just from the shadows, or the old oak trees with Spanish moss hanging down, but from the solar powered icons that sit by the headstones.

It seems this is the latest trend in cemetery decoration.
I don’t understand it, and it’s kind of freaky.

At first, there were small glowing crosses that appeared in our local cemetery.  
Then giant crosses popped up, like some kind of competition- 
“my cross is bigger than your cross.”

In the past few months, other items are lighting up individual plots: 
3-foot standing angels with wings spread out, and luminaries with flickering candle light in colors of pink, green and blue.

In bad weather, the solar batteries don’t charge well so the glow is dimmer. 

Imagine seeing two large crosses about 24 inches high, blinking on and off like strobe lights. 
If you added a little fog, the eerie glow would be perfect for an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

 I’ll say it again, that’s freaky.

In the future, I predict that this trend will become ridiculous to include holiday glowing items... for Easter there might be bunnies.  
On Valentine’s Day, large hearts with red and white flashing lights, St. Patrick’s Day must have green glowing shamrocks and so forth.  

It could become ridiculous.

Everyone expects to see a grave marker or headstone with a name and date and perhaps an epitaph- 
mine might go something like “Wife, mother, writer, and appliance killer”. 
However, a solar powered lawn jockey would be a bit much. 

I told Scott that if he or Will put any of those things on my grave, I would come back to haunt them.
He and Will laughed, but it's a fact. 
I intend to haunt them, just as they intend to put them around the entire grave perimeter.

Maybe you think it’s the thought that counts.  
My thinking is if there can’t be seasonally appropriate silk flowers there,
then don’t light my night.

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Have a great day.


  1. How tacky!! Just another reason not to be buried. Seasonal tributes, Easter Bunny, etc. too funny.

  2. I had not heard of these. Can they make a graveyard even spookier?