Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doing things together

I am always looking for things that Scott and I can do together. 
Last night I saw a newspaper article for a charity Bingo night, and he said yes to going. 
I was shocked.

Today, I received a list of upcoming classes at Carteret Community College, where I teach some unusual creative writing classes.  On the list was a class for “Social Ballroom” dancing.

This was the advertisement:

Dance – “Social Ballroom”
    Take your dancing to the next level! This class will include frame, timing, and choreography. Prerequisite: Ballroom Dance helpful, but not necessary.


The title brought some different things to my bizarre mind.  
Did it mean you will socialize while dancing?  If so, who do you socialize with, your partner or yell at someone else on the dance floor? 
On the other hand, maybe the ballroom is social- what would that mean?  
Then again, does this mean that antisocial people shouldn’t attend? 

I immediately thought of my husband Scott. 

He will readily admit that he doesn’t like to dance.  
I wish I had known that he hated to dance before we got married- I love to dance.

When Scott was in the Marine Corps, we attended many balls each year. 
We did the obligatory slow dance a couple of times but laughingly referred to it as “Combat Dancing”, as we knocked into others and they were knocked off the floor.

However, if the” Electric Slide” played, he would willingly jump on the dance floor, and mimic the person in front of him.  Then again, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to dance to the “Electric Slide”.    

Being a stinker, I sent the “Social Ballroom” ad to Scott by email.  
“How about dancing?”

Scott replied.  “Two things:  I don't have the prerequisite class, and my skills are not at any pre-required level for this.   I'm going to bingo, but I must put my foot down on this one.”

My email back said:  “Put your foot down, now pick it up, and put the other foot down and pick it up... see, you're dancing...   “

There was no reply.  He wasn’t amused.  

Do you need a dance partner?  
Email me at

Have a great day.

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