Friday, February 25, 2011

Parking Lot Mishap

Did he forget me?
Where is that man’s brain?

We were in the drive-thru for Smithfield barbecue, with our two dogs in back and I needed to use the bathroom.
“I will get out here, go to the bathroom and I’ll meet you out front.  Then you can go to the bathroom and I’ll take the dogs for a walk.”

It sounded like a plan.

Scott does not think like me. 
He told me today, “You think more logically than me.”  
I already knew that, but maybe he’s getting dementia.

I left the restaurant, walked out front and watched Scott drive around the parking lot.  Although there were plenty of spaces open, he kept going. 
He didn’t see me.  

I wanted to yell to him but thought everyone in the restaurant would wonder what was going on.  So, I stood there thinking that Scott would drive around to the front again. 
He didn't.

I waited for 20 minutes. 
I knew he forgot me- I didn’t have my purse or a cell phone. 
I was naked.

I walked from one side of the building to the other and back. 

My last ditch effort was to walk to the entrance of the drive thru, behind the restaurant. 
If he left me, I was going to call the Highway patrol.

There he was, walking the dogs.
 I was livid.

“You left me!  Why didn’t you wait for me to come out of the bathroom?  I told you I’d take the dogs and then you could go.” 

I’m sure it sounded like I was a raving lunatic, but then he started yelling and I turned him off with a hand gesture.

“I knew you’d figure it out eventually where I was.”  My mouth flew open, stunned.

 I took the dogs and said, “Just go on to the bathroom and I’ll feed the dogs.”

He left still not sure why I was mad.

If I had done that to him, every person from now to eternity would have heard about it.
Amazing.  Mars and Venus.

The male and female brains are very different.  I'd love to hear all about your experiences... email me

Have a great day.

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