Monday, February 14, 2011


My mother taught me to share. 
I passed this way of thinking on to my son, Will.
Except for a few things like my Mtn. Dew, sharing is a good thing.

I like sharing things, with my husband, Scott.
Sometimes it’s a slice of pizza from his box. 
Sometimes he will share his cold with me.

Riding in the car always makes me thirsty.  I always bring a bottle of water along.
When Scott and I go to a restaurant, I typically get a tea in a “to go” cup.

I always ask him, “Would you like some tea for the car?”
“No, I’m good.”

It doesn’t matter if we are going down the street, or 30 miles away. Within 15 minutes into the drive, Scott is thirsty. 
Does he stop to get something to drink?
No, because he counts on my drink to quench his thirst.
By the time we reach our destination, he’s consumed 95% of my drink, no matter what it is.

In my mind, if he sips from my cup, it’s now his.
It’s not the sharing I mind, it’s the lack of preparation.

I know we have shared lots of DNA in the last 24 years, but I draw the line at sharing spit.

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Have a great day.

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  1. Same here. My husband always say No thanks, I'm not thirsty. And 20 minutes later he has taken my drink and made it his. Maybe it is a man's way of saying 'I am not ready, but when I am, I know you will be there for me'. By the way, I am glad I am not the only one with a spit phobia!