Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sneaky Emails

I love to read emails. 
Sometimes I might read my email more than do my work.

Just as there are good emails in my box, junk mail follows.

I receive so many advertisements each day, that it takes me more time to delete them than read.  So, I’ve started to unsubscribe.
That process takes longer to do than read the ad.

Occasionally the unsubscribing goes well.  
However, there are times I feel belittled, or even hassled for unsubscribing, and  
I shouldn't feel guilty either, but it happens.

Why do you want to unsubscribe?  Have we wronged you in any way?  
Please give us your feedback.

 Some of their choices make you cry or at least yell at the computer screen:

"You’ll miss our photographs of food.  You really want all those carbs."  

"Perhaps you are sick and can’t think clearly?  Our emails will help."

"Do you really think you have a life away from the computer?  Think again."

"You really want the email because it would be nice to have any mail in your box."

"Think about it.  You really don’t have any friends or anything else better to do, so keep the email coming, and we’ll keep you company."

Oh, they are good!

The good companies will unsubscribe you within moments of receiving the request.  Then there are the other ones that say, “This process may take up to 10 days to complete.”  I don’t get it.
If you can subscribe to an account in seconds, why do I have to wait 10 days? 

Ah ha!  They will continue to send me advertisements every day for 10 days, hoping that I will be sucked into their web of catalog pretties and order something.  
Once that happens, I’m doomed to get the advertisement forever. 

I know I’ll forget. 
I know there will be some delectable edible on the front cover and I will lose control. 
I will open up the website and buy something.

Oh they are sneaky…

Have you been sucked into the unsubscribe ploy?  I'd love to hear about it at

Have a wonderful day.

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