Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zoom Zoom, Zoomba

My least favorite thing to do is clean.

I hate doing all the things associated with “keeping house”.
I keep house worse that my sisters.  
However not having a housekeeper might have something to do with that… 

I’m not supposed to vacuum because of a bad back, and the dusting gets done about 3 times a year.
I have so many knickknacks that when I dust, I forget where things go so that I have more stuff than space.
Maybe a map would help.

Over Christmas, I saw the most wonderful video of a robotic vacuum cleaner. 
I stood watching how it moved over the floors and then returned to its docking station for recharging.  
That puppy came to my house; Merry Christmas to me, from me.

Roomba is the best gadget I’ve ever bought for myself. 

The first week it began working, Scott followed it around the house.  
It was his new form of entertainment.

He named it Zoomba. 
I told him that “Zoomba” was a dance type of exercise. 
He said the Zoomba danced across the floor, so the name fit. 
By George, he’s right. 
Zoomba isn’t just for exercising.

My Niece, Roxanne says I write too much about my cats, so Zoomba may be the next best thing. 
I hope she likes inanimate objects, although the way it scoops up dust Rhinos, it may be better than a pet.

Now if only there was a “Dusta”, I’d buy 2 or 3 of them…

Have you hugged your vacuum cleaner today?  Let me hear from you at aitken.helen@gmail.com

Have a zoom zoom day!

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