Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Bank of England

I think that Mr. Banks, the Father in Mary Poppins, worked for the Bank of England.  
However, the real building is nothing like the movie bank. 

To spot a bank in London, look for huge stone buildings with Greco-roman facades and no windows- 
dead giveaway. 

Near the Bank of England, lesser banks surround it on all sides of the five-street intersection. 
Nevertheless, don’t think you can look in. 
A security guard told me, “Madam, you must want to visit the Bank of England’s Museum.  There’s nothing to see in there but a lot of cubicles.”
So, the guard directed us to the side of the building, and we enter the museum.

One would think that it would be dull. 
In fact, it’s fascinating, especially if your bags are x-rayed and they find a knife.

I go through first with my purse.  
Will pulls off the backpack and waits. 
I walk about 10 feet away to get a brochure.

“You have a knife in your backpack,” said the security guard to Will.


“What is it Will?”

“Is there a knife in this backpack?”

“Yes, I “pinched it” (a new term I picked up, meaning ‘took: but in my case, I borrowed it)  from the hotel restaurant so that we could make some peanut butter sandwiches. 

“Mom, you put a knife in the book bag?”

“Yes Will.  I guess I forgot to tell you.”

“Madam will you pull out the knife?”

“Of course.” 
It was embarrassing to see the zip lock bag of peanut butter tubs, breakfast rolls and the granola bars. 
The knife was at the bottom of the bag.  

“Madam, you know you shouldn’t bring a knife into these kinds of buildings.”

“I suppose you’re right, but I needed it for making sandwiches.”

I believe my innocence saved me. 

Will was not amused.  “Next time, put the knife in your own bag.”

If you get a chance to visit The Bank of England's Museum, go, but don't bring your knife.
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