Thursday, March 3, 2011

Doctors need laugher too

Seems like I’ve been having too many tests and seeing the doctor more often these days.

There are absolutely two medical procedures that I dread the most:
the mammogram and the annual physical.  
I hope I live long enough to be exempt from both.

This year’s physical required a slight procedure: 
a biopsy in a place where sunshine hasn't warmed since diaper days. 
I went to the “procedure room” and the doctor and female nurse prepared for the procedure.

“While you’re down there, could I get a pedicure?” I said.

“Not today.  I don’t have a license to do that,” said Dr. V.

Dr. V. laughs at my quips most of the time.  
But I’ve noticed that most medical persons lack a sense of humor.

Today, a second physician enters the room to “observe”.

Great, “I should have charged admission.”

We were introduced, but I would have felt better if I’d been fully clothed.

I deal with doctors by using humor, and why not? 
It keeps me from crying, becoming hysterical, and thinking about the “What ifs”.

I figure that if they’re laughing, maybe they won’t hurt me.
At least that’s my motivation

“Now that there are two attending physicians in the room, are you sure I can’t get a pedicure?” 
The nurse smiled and Dr. V. laughed.  
The second doctor didn’t flinch.

“Helen, Dr. M. doesn’t get your humor.”

How sad, and I’m the one getting stitches.

Do your doctors laugh?  What jokes would you tell them?  I'd love to know so that I can pass them on.
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Go eat an apple and stay away from the doctor...

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