Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break to London

I asked my son Will, “Where would you like to go on spring break?”

He said, “I’d like to go to Japan.”

“Your spring break is only 1 week, we can’t go to Japan in1 week- we need at least two.  
So, would you like to go to Barcelona or London?”

“If we can’t go to Japan, then how about Rome?”

“I said Barcelona or London.”

“Why can’t we go to Japan?”

Apparently he is either extremely stubborn or hasn’t removed earwax in a while.

"Since you can't make up your mind, London it is.”

I spent weeks preparing for the trip; to see many things we haven’t seen before and take in some plays. 
The only two things we repeated from the last time, was a full day at the British Museum and The Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London.

We forged through crowds on the subway (the “Tube”) and loved the scenery on the double-decker buses. 
I needed better walking shoes lots of Tylenol and my own spice rack.

I could write volumes on the food.  
However, the best description for English food in general is: it’s beautiful on the plate, expensive and tasteless.  

Thankfully, we carried our own peanut butter, took rolls from breakfast, made sandwiches and ate granola bars or peanut butter crackers.  
Will ate 48 mini beef jerky sticks… his breath was atrocious.

I was the camera queen. 
I took so many photographs that I needed batteries after a day and a half.  The second set lasted 4 extra days…

I suppose it was good that I didn’t take the rechargeable batteries because Will blew up the converter.  
There was a loud “pop” and smoke billowed up from the closet outlet. 
He was devastated that he couldn’t charge his computer. 
I was concerned that the fire department would be called and I’d have to pay a huge electrician’s bill…

Will asked for a converter at the front desk and he was back in business. 
He would have died in a computer-less or IPod-less world for a week. 

I must admit that going days without reading my email did make me antsy, so I bribed Will to let me use his computer a few times.  
Or, forget where I put his passport…

At Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland... a day trip from London

Sadly, our trip coincided with the massive earthquake in Japan and it got both of us thinking that if we had gone there during spring break, we would have been caught up in the quake’s devastation- it was meant for us not to be there. 

Although I am not clairvoyant, maybe one day Will will realize that his Mother is generally right on most things.

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