Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Always something to hear in the water

Pat, Jo and I were talking at the end of our water aerobics session.

Pat to Jo: “When you have time, come by my house.  I’d like you to meet my new friend.”

Jo: “You have a new friend?”

Pat: “Oh, yes.”

Jo: “Does this new friend share your bedroom?”

Pat: “Why, yes.”        
Eyes rolled and we laughed.                                                                                                                                                 

Jo: “Is this friend a boyfriend?”

Pat:  “No, it’s a girl.”
We laughed louder.

Jo:“A girlfriend?”

Pat: “Well there’s slim pickin’s these days so I thought I’d go the other direction.”
Howling laughter.

Jo: “I didn’t think you were into that.”
More laughter.

Pat: “Well, you’ll have to come over and meet her.  She’s only about this big,” extending her hands about 8 inches from each other.

Me: “I wondered if she was furry and had 4 paws.”

Pat: “She’s a Yorkie puppy and she’s taken over my bedroom.”
More laughter and shaking our heads… she had us going.

Pat: “Helen, this better not go into your blog.”

Me: “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

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