Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bad Bran Muffins

It’s not meant for me to cook.

I ruined 2 pans of bran muffins and I can’t imagine how I did it. 

Well, maybe I can.   
My culinary skills are rusty. 

I also have a dysfunctional stove. 

It has only 2 burners and the oven is so temperamental that the temperature must be dialed in 20 times before it turns on;  it "clicks" and turns off. 
I must allow an extra 30 minutes to fiddle with the knobs.  
"Work baby, work."

I positioned my KitchenAid mixer on the counter, dusted it off and followed the Bran Cereal Box recipe. 
The recipe made a dozen muffins.  I needed 2 dozen so I doubled the ingredients.

The only paper cups I could find were for Christmas and birthdays.  
No one would notice.

I set 2 timers. I thought this was a great idea; one timer was set for the cooking time and the other one was set 8 minutes earlier.   
When the first timer went off, I opened the oven door and smoke poured out.

The bottoms of the muffins had burned. 
I did everything right.

As the muffins cooled on the counter, I tried one.  
They were like chewing cardboard.

They didn’t taste like the $3 ones you get at the coffee shop. 
Maybe that’s why they cost $3.
I'm sure I'd have to pay someone to eat my muffins.

Perhaps if they were dunked in some coffee, they would taste better.

I bagged 1 dozen for me and 1 dozen for my mother. 

I hope she remembers what she taught me: “It’s the thought that counts”.
If she can't eat them, she can use them for door stops.

I'd love to hear all about your cooking adventures.  Email me at aitken.helen@gmail.com.

Have a great day.

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