Monday, April 11, 2011

Deal, But No Deal

I lucked out on the last 5 minutes of a great giveaway promotion at the grocery store.
I was interested in the sealable foil pouches of the new Kitty’s Party Mix.

The three varieties have a specific flavor and theme.

The blue pack was the Beach variety with a seafood medley.  
A precocious cat was  was featured “hanging ten” on a surfboard as the waves tossed out food shapes into a fishing net he held.

The House Party Mix showed a cat cooking in the kitchen tossing cutouts of a cow, chicken and turkey from a frying pan into the air.

The California Party Mix showed a cat picking dry fruit and veggie shapes from an orange tree. 
I suppose this was for all the vegetarian cats out there.

The sales lady had a shopping cart full of sample packets, each costing $1.  
She was giving away coupons for $1 off a pouch, so they were free!!!

I was the last customer before the time expired and she wanted to get rid of what was in her cart.

I took 40 pouches and she gave me 40 coupons. 
I was embarrassed to take that many, but she forced me to.

I felt like a coupon extremer. 
I felt a rush, just as they do when they buy $1200 in groceries for $6.87.

I couldn’t wait to give the morsels to my cats. 
I opened one of each variety and put them in their bowls.
The cats were curious, smelled the Party Mix, turned up their noses and marched away.  
They never touched it.

How could they treat me this way?
I thought that the freebies would be fabulous.

Maybe they didn’t taste good and that’s why they were giving them away at the store.

I opened another one and put it in my dogs’ dishes.  
They gobbled it up like cat candy.

They liked it so much that they ate the cats’ portions too.

I should have known.

There are 36 more Kitty Party Mix packets to go.

Here, doggie, doggie.

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Have a great bargain day.

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