Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Do-it-all Kitchen

I do almost everything in the kitchen.
I cook dinner there.  That is, if you call it dinner.

Sometimes I use my largest Revere Ware stockpots to dye basket material on the stove.

I make flower arrangements and create all sorts of craft projects in the kitchen.
My flowerpots are re-potted there, and my floor should have a tarp covering it before I start anything-
I found that using a rake can damage the floor.  

Most importantly, I teach science in the kitchen.  It has always been my makeshift laboratory.

Sadly, I have been accused of maintaining bacterial and fungal cultures in the refrigerator. 
Scott says that I push the envelope on expiration dates. Well, maybe.

Cases in point:

“Have you seen the butter dish lately?”

“What’s wrong with the butter dish?”

“There are all sorts of stuff in it.  I see bread crumbs, hair and plant material in it.”

“There can’t be plant material it.    Ok, there’s a small leaf, but where’s the hair?    
 Oh, I see some hair.  Give it to me and I’ll clean it out.”

Sometimes my cooking is described as experimental. 
My sister gets a good laugh.  

“What are you making for dinner tonight”?

“I’m trying a new recipe: chili cheese, hotdog, cornbread casserole.”

“Will Scott and Will eat that?”

“Yes.  I asked them if they would be willing to try a new recipe. 
They ate it and liked it.”

Scott says, “It was ok, but I’m not so sure we should have it again.” 

My sister doubles over.

I just can’t win. 

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Have a great day in the kitchen.

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