Friday, April 8, 2011

“Oh, the smell”

Have you noticed that air fresheners don’t come in a “burned” scent.

What a shame.  I could use a case of it.

I've been known to slave over a hot microwave, until it died.  
I bought a new one and managed to keep it clean for a month, using it as a storage bin for all the stuff the dogs would eat.

 I popped a bag of popcorn with the wrong side up.  
Black smoke filled the kitchen and the house reeked.

I opened the back door, ran the exhaust fan and ceiling fans, sprayed Febreeze in each room, and put a dish of baking soda in the poor machine. 
Nothing helped. 
Even the upstairs became contaminated.

I couldn’t leave the microwave door open all night; the light bulb would go out.  

After living with food on the counter and locking the dogs out of the house for a week, I resolved that the paper boxed food items would help the baking soda take away the smell, and back in they went. 

After the popcorn flambé incident, I told Scott that he would have to start cooking.

“What?  You want me to get up, go to work to get a paycheck, take care of the lawn, and the pets, and cook dinner.  What would that leave for you to do?”

“It would leave more time for me to write.”

The look wasn’t worth the effort of a response.

Maybe I could burn something else and mask the first smell…

How often do you burn popcorn?  Let me hear all about it at

Have a great day.

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