Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Breakfast

I love to eat out for Breakfast.
Truth be told, I like eating out all times of the day and night.

On the weekend, Scott and I go out for breakfast Saturday or Sunday.

This morning, I told Scott we’d have pancakes and sausage from the freezer.  
We were both psyched.  
I microwaved one for me and added light syrup.
It was awful.

Poor Scott was disappointed.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“It just tasted bad.”

“It could be because it’s outdated.  (He paused to look at the box)  This thing expired in May 2007!  
No wonder it tasted bad.   Did you get this from the garage freezer?”

“Yes, but I try to keep fresh items in the freezer.”

“How many other frozen dinners do you feed me that are outdated?”

I didn’t answer.

Scott said, “Maybe it defrosted and then refroze and that’s why it tasted bad.  I think we should keep heavy-duty duct tape on the door.   Ok, I’ll just grab some French toast sticks from the kitchen freezer.”

The door opens and shuts.

“This box expired 2 years ago.  When was the last time you checked the food in the freezer?”

In a barely audible voice, I said “never”.

“Do we have any fresh bread?”

“Yes, I bought some yesterday.”

Scott resigned to make buttered toast.     “What’s wrong with the butter?  It’s not melting.”

“You bought the butter…”

In my kitchen, every little blame helps.

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Hope your breakfast isn't outdated.

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