Friday, April 15, 2011

Sea Stories

I meet all sorts of people and most of them are interesting with great stories. 
I think you know that I love a good story! 

Sometimes I pilfer a few ideas and spin them into something quite different.  
Other times, their stories are interesting and funny enough to retell them.

One person I’ve met through water aerobics class, is a woman named Claudia.  
She’s feisty, has lots of friends, plays poker and tells the funniest stories. 

She’s an “Senior” sailor with a 65 foot yacht docked in Oriental, N.C. , but doesn’t get to sail as often as she and her husband used to. 
Instead, they spend weekends on their docked boat and schmooze with the other sailors and visitors. 

Her husband gave her a “the best” gift for Christmas, a telescope to sit on her deck on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and check out the boats that go through.

She told me that in her younger days she used to be wilder, and was more fun when she smoke, drank heavily, and swore like a sailor. 
It’s hard to imagine her wilder, but she still knows how to be a sailor…    

The two following tidbits came from Claudia.

Claudia’s sailing friends, Ruth and Marvin, spent many years in San Francisco as a married couple. 
Their favorite thing to do was to spend weekends and holidays sailing on their huge yacht.
 Down the road, their marriage dissolved and things turned ugly.

The couple divorced and sadly, Marvin lost his prized yacht in the process.

Once the divorce was settled, Marvin purchased another yacht that was bigger and better.

And, just for sentimental sake he named it “Ruth Less”.

Claudia told me in the locker room that she will have been married 54 years this summer. 

I said, “That’s amazing.”

“We’ve survived this long because we both love the same man.”

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May all your seas be calm.

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