Friday, April 22, 2011

Versatile Scarves

I love wearing scarves.
They are so versatile, practical and pretty.

You can use a square one to tie up packages or carry a casserole, like a Japanese Furoshiki.

Make it a rectangle; wear it like a headband, with the ends hanging, for the 70’s artist look.

For a 60’s look, make a triangle, tie it over your head, and then go clean out the garage.

Or, make a rectangle, wrap it around your forehead and pretend to be Rambo.

A large triangle can become an arm sling, or an emergency baby’s diaper.  
However, I don’t think I’d want it back.

Scarves cover up an ugly neckline and at one time in my life, maybe a hickey or two…

Make a long one into a rectangle and put it through some belt loops.  
I need the super long version.

Tie one on a purse handle and pretend you’re going to the Hamptons, “Da’ling”.

Use one as a signal to start and illegal drag race. 
I saw this in the movies.

I especially like that a scarf can catch all the dribbles of soup or coffee.  
This is the equivalent of a man’s tie; trash the tie, save the shirt.

For the frugal scarf wearer, catch pieces of dropped food for a snack later on.

Then again, a scarf can be used to keep your neck warm...

I'd love to hear what you'd do with a scarf.  Email me at

Have a great scarf day.

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