Friday, May 6, 2011

The best place for coins and bells...

Is a Belly dancing skirt.

I was in the woman’s locker room in the Aquatic Center getting dressed.
Tying my shoes, I heard a jingling sound coming through the door, then it moved across the room.

“What was that?  What was that jingling?”  I said.

Moments later, a woman wearing exercise clothing and a hip scarf covered with coins and bells came jingling through.

“Are they teaching belly dancing here?”

“No, they wear that for Zoomba.”

“Zoomba?  They do belly dancing in Zoomba?”

“No, but they practice their dance moves and wear those things.”

“I like it.  I want one.  I’ll wear it at home and dance in front of Scott.”

I began to swing my hips to the right and left.  

No one said anything.   
I’m sure it wasn’t pretty.

I wonder what Scott would say? 

I should have a camera ready and then tell him that I’m taking belly dancing classes.  
Then I would move around the room like a dancer from the Arabian Nights...

His mouth will fly open. 

And, I would also dare him not to say anything…

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way... I still want one of those scarfs.  If you have one and use it at home, email me at 

Have a great day.

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