Monday, May 2, 2011

Discount Shopping Days

One of my favorite discount stores is Frosty’s.
“Frosty’s, for Less” is their slogan, and, I believe it is.

I make a point to go there on Tuesdays because they give an extra 10% off, for shoppers who are at a certain age… 

This is sort of a pre-senior citizen discount for me.  
I like shopping there and take an extra 10%, so it’s a win/win situation.

The clerks say, “Do I take an extra discount today?”
Not, “How old are you?” or, “Excuse me but you look like you are at least 100 years old, are you?”

Six years ago I would have been extremely insulted.
They understand embarrassing moments…

When I am disguised as a 35 year old, or after having talked to a “Nice N Easy” bottle, I discretely say something like “I’d like an extra discount today”.  And, I would get it.

Frosty’s is about 30 miles from my house, so I like to plan a day for all my shopping. 
My trip involves arriving early enough to have a “gourmet” lunch, running errands and then the rest of the afternoon perusing the different departments in Frosty's. 

Some days I check out the cookware and linens, but I never fail to head for the purses, shoes and the women’s clearance sections.

Rarely do I leave without a new purse, great soap and a pair of jeans or shirts. 
Even rarer are the times when I walk out without purchasing a single item.

Singlehandedly, I keep the store in the black.

Tuesday comes and the excitement begins. 
I enter the building without being greeted by the 10% poster on the window. 
Did it fall down?

I finish my shopping in less than an hour and proceed to the register.

The clerk rings up my purchases, gives me the total and I say,
“I’d like the extra discount please.”

She responds, “We don’t do that anymore.”

Deflated, I realize that Tuesday is just another day.

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Better still, let's go shopping together.  
Have a great day.

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