Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother’s Day Chocolates

I had a wonderful Mother's Day.
Scott and Will each brought me some roses, and 2 boxes of chocolates.   
There were 6 pink roses and a vase of 6 red ones with “MOM” in the center.

Scott knows the best place for finding the best arrangements on short notice, Lowe’s Foods.  They are open 7 days a week.
At Lowe’s Foods, Debbie orders flowers for me when I teach floral design classes, and Scott paid attention.

Although I’m not a chocolate lover, I got a sampler and some Pecan delights with the flowers.

The last time a box of chocolates came in the house, the empty box was found in Will’s room.
Will promised not to eat the chocolates this time...

Late Sunday afternoon, the sampler box was unwrapped and two chocolates were missing. 

I looked at the diagram of chocolates and chose a dark chocolate nugget.
Anticipating delight, it was filled with coconut!  My least favorite of all the fillings.

In fact, I’m not sure anyone likes coconut in chocolates.

Scott had gotten in the box and turned the lid upside down, forcing me to choose the wrong one.

This reminded me of when I was a child.  

My brother Steve would buy chocolates for gifts and then find a way to eat most of them. He loved chocolate covered cherries, but no one else did, and they were his favorite gifts to give. In sampler boxes, he loved the ones with caramel or nuts, just like the rest of us but he always managed to get to them first.  

He was notorious for finding all the “good ones” by poking his finger in each of the chocolates and leaving them in the box.  No one wanted to eat those and since we didn’t know if his hands were clean, he ruined the chocolates for us all.

Remembering my youth, and the desire to eat a few of my own chocolates, I did what my brother would do; I took a bite out of all my favorite ones and left them in the box.  
No one would eat these, so I could come back later for them.

I also left some great selections untouched, but apparently not the ones Scott wanted. 

Maybe it wasn’t Will that I should have been watching.

Hope your day was filled with chocolates and roses.   I'd love to hear from you at

Have a great day.

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