Friday, May 13, 2011

My purse holds my world

It carries everything I need including the basics and the extraordinary. 

When I change my outfit, or my shoes, I change my purse to match the occasion.

If I’m going power shopping or sightseeing, I use a purse that has a cross-the-chest strap to allow hands free activities.
I have at least 10 of these kinds of purses in different colors and styles.

But the amount of stuff I need, must be streamlined…
Don’t worry, I have an emergency shopping bag that fits inside.

If I don’t have my purse with me, I feel naked.  And that’s not a pretty picture.

If I need something, chances are great that it is in my purse. 
If it’s not there, chances are good that I have the necessary accoutrements to fabricate what’s needed. 
A paperclip could become a hair clip…

Generally, my purse is large enough to hold my books, a laptop and a change of clothing. 
If I get hungry, more than likely, there is a snack for me.

I keep all sorts of medications, cough drops and even toilet tissues for bathrooms in strange places.

However, it is better if I locate the item.  
There may be a mousetrap set, you never know.

If I need my wallet, Scott just hands my purse to me, rather than go in it.  

During the winter, Scott desperately needed a cough drop. 
I told him where to look in my purse and he found one.
He put it in his mouth and then immediately spit it out.

“Did you suck on this cough drop and rewrap it?”

“Was it slightly smaller than the other ones?”


“I think I did.”

Now he’d rather die than go through my purse.  
Good policy.

What's in your purse?  I'd love to hear all about it.  Email me at

Have a great day.

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