Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh no, my face...

You’d think that after my 25th birthday, I wouldn’t have to deal with juvenile skin problems.

I’ve seen the ads for severe acne and the miracle lotions.  I didn’t need them when I was 17, so why should I have to worry about it at my “mature” age? 

Many years ago, chocolate was blamed for skin breakouts, as well as changing the waistline. 
I didn’t eat lots of chocolate but got the occasional 2 or 3 pimples every month. 

One teacher told me to wait until I turned 18 or 19 and that would all change- she wasn’t very bright and it didn’t happen.

My sister Jane recommended that I use a little Crest toothpaste on top of the pimple and let it dry. 
It sounded like a wives’ tale, but it worked every time.

Toothpaste is also a great stain remover on a white shirt. 
If it can brighten teeth, why not?

I also drank lots of water before it was fashionable, and it helped to flush impurities from my skin.
My brothers and sisters didn’t have severe problems, so I must have good skin genes too.

Then again, I washed my face and used Noxzema. 
Just the smell of Noxzema dared the bacteria from lingering.

Now we know differently about skin, heredity for oily skin, skin management and new ways to deal with it.  Moreover, water is still great for the skin and the rest of the body.
I was ahead of my time.

However, the chocolate thing can affect the waistline, but I figure if I eat one or two pieces of dark chocolate a month, the extra antioxidants will benefit my health and in turn my skin.
Imagine a diet that encourages eating dark chocolate each day…

Getting back to my face.

I have always known that my freckles show up when I’ve been in the sun too long and didn’t put on enough sunscreen.

I know that when I gain more weight, my face fills out.

I know that as I age, my eyelashes become more transparent and require a little more mascara.

I also know that if I wear bright lipstick, people will notice me talking and think about what I’m saying, versus the thick glasses that hide the twinkle in my eyes.

I know that when I smile, there will be little lines around my eyes, but that’s a wonderful trophy for laughing long and hard.

However, it doesn’t seem fair to have to see the additional imperfections. 

Like the zit the size of a pizza, on my right cheek below my glasses, or the 3 new age spots on my left cheek, not to mention that my upper lip has fuzz on it.

So, I guess I’ll wait a while to see what pops up on my nose to complete the picture.

Maybe it's time for the toothpaste wonder drug.

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Have a great Noxzema day.

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