Friday, June 3, 2011

Beginner drivers

Beginner drivers usually get better if they have plenty of practice.  
I said usually.

My niece keeps apologizing on Facebook to all the strangers that get behind her in traffic......  

She is a beginner driver and might need a flashing light on top saying,                                                         “Danger, danger, Will Robinson.”  

She’s not alone.  
Many vehicles and seasoned drivers, need a sign saying, “Stay back.  Go to the next county, I’m dangerous.”

Dump trucks and construction vehicles should post a 10 foot white sign, in glow in the dark lettering: "Stay back 1000 feet". 
Maybe Scott won’t get another windshield chip.

In Japan, beginners and senior citizen drivers have to post a green and yellow arrow on the front and back windshields for all other drivers to see.       
It alerts drivers to the possibility that slow or unusual driving may happen.  

What happens if you get into an accident with the decal bearers? 
You are at fault in all cases, so you must look out for them. 

This reminds me of the old safety TV advertisements saying "Watch out for the other guy."   
I'd like to hear these again, but on Facebook and any online buying site.   They would have to read diving tips and safety information before being allowed to go on.
It might work.

How about a magnetic sign for the front and back of the guardian’s vehicles, when the driver passes the written test?  
As a reward, all sports shops, shoe shops, clothing stores, drive-thru restaurants and Dad’s insurance should get bargain discounts.

 I suppose a decal is a better idea.  If I could devise one for my niece, it might look something like this:

                 Beginner Driver

It would have a great big heart around it...

How is your driving?  Do you need a decal?  I'd love to hear all about it, so email me at

Be safe out there...

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