Monday, June 6, 2011


Have you heard of “Chienagora”?
It's pronounced "She-en-a-gor-a".

It is a new type of yarn.  
“Agora” is rabbit fur and “Chien” is French for dog. 
Put these together and you have Dog fur that knits and feels like angora.  

That’s right, it’s yarn made with dog hair.

I’m still on the fence about this. 
I don’t know whether to applaud the frugality of recycling dog hair, or throw up.

You might ask what you can knit with dog hair. 
I understand that it can be woven into something soft to wear, like a hat, scarf or sweater.

I suppose that to get enough hair to spin, you would need to shear a dog like a sheep.  
My dogs have short hair and there’s not enough to knit a coaster, even in the dead of winter. 

My cats have medium length hair, shed all the time and shearing them would be cooler for the summer, and will reduce the amount of hair that my clothes wear. 
I have so much pet hair in the house, that I could get a car cozy made for all three cars.

But would I dare mix dog and cat hair?

In the blogs I’ve read, spinners mix wool with dog hair.  
Since dog hair has no elasticity, it sags. 
When wool is added, it behaves like wool.  
So why not just spin with wool?

One spinner commented that dog hair with wool “blooms” and gets fluffier and fluffier.  
Blooming dog hair does not sound appealing as either yarn or a sweater.

I also have a problem with the cleanliness issue. 
All dogs have dander and they smell, well, like a dog. 
When their hair is wet, they smell like a wet dog.   
So if I’m wearing a chienagora sweater, standing in the rain, will I smell like my wet dog?

How would you wash dog hair before spinning, put it in the washing machine? 
Moreover, how would you dry it?  
Talk about fur flying.  
 I wouldn’t want to wash anything in the washer or dryer until all the hair is collected.

 Lastly, would it be weird wearing a dog sweater without the picture of the dog that gave it’s all on the front? 

I think I have some issues that need working out- maybe I have "chienagoraphobia".

Have you collected pet hair today?   Zoomba is doing that for me right now.  Maybe I'll have enough to knit into something, like a fire starter...   email me at

Have a wonderful day.

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