Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hats for me

I look forward to festivals.
We celebrate chrysanthemums, azaleas, art explosions, shrimp, spot, seafood and boats.
Name something and there will be a festival to celebrate it.

Vendors sell t-shirts, wooden fish plaques, jewelry, and pictures behind old windowpanes, snow cones, funnel cakes, seafood and hushpuppies.
I always find great buys and Scott ends up carrying them...

I can always get Scott to go to a festival if he has a chance to walk on a boat.  
While I look around, he is happy drooling over ski boats and ski doo-bies.

On Saturday, there was a festival in Morehead City, an artist thing with boats.
It didn’t take much conjuring to get Scott to go, but we didn’t have sunscreen and I didn’t bring a hat.

Scott’s job was to find a hat for me while I looked at the booths. 
That way, he was occupied with a task and not hovering over my shoulder while I shopped.

There were half hats to wear on the golf course and baseball caps.
All had some sort of fishing logo or business advertisement, and they weren’t my style.   
Scott went into the harbormaster’s hut and found other kinds of hats, and motioned for me to come.

I fell in love with a straw hat whose brim ended just behind my ears and covered my face completely. 
The edges were trimmed with colored grosgrain ribbon, and were roll-able for packing.  
Better still, they were on sale, so I bought a navy, and a red trimmed one. 

Scott had a fit-.not because of the price, but because he hated the hats.

“You’re not really going to buy those?”

“Yes I am, I like these hats.  They are comfortable and will shade my face perfectly.”

“If you wear that hat outside, I’m not walking with you.”

“Oh yes you are.  You found these and I love them.  Now, let’s go see the boats.”

“You’d never catch me in something like that.”

“I’m so happy to hear that.  However, you could use a hat.  Why don’t we find one for you?”

“No thanks, but I wish I had brought my grilling hat.”

What will I do with him?  I can’t shoot him and I wouldn’t dare buy him a hat.

Hope you like to go to festivals.  I'd love to hear all about your adventures, so email me at

Have a great day.

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