Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's finally done...

You may have wondered where I've been.
If I was a children's fairy tale book writer, I'd say "I've been off to see the queen".
But I haven't.

Instead, I have been writing and editing a humor book, based on this blog.  
The book is titled:  It Only Happens To Me...   Can You Dial 9-1-1?
It has gone to the printer and should be available to purchase real soon.

As soon as I get a copy, I'll post the cover on the blog site and if you think you might like to have a copy, there will be information to buy one.

So there lies the mystery.   
However, my zany world hasn't stopped while I've been working.  
Oh no, there is more to say, much more.

Please come back tomorrow for a new entry.  
I'd love to hear from you.  Email me at aitken.helen@gmail.com 
or send me a note on Helen Aitken at Facebook.

Until we read again.....

Have a good day.

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