Friday, July 8, 2011

Keeping Kids Clothed

Will missed his cousin’s wedding reception because he couldn’t find anything to wear, literally.

He was “miffed” that we wouldn’t allow him to wear shorts and flip flops. 

However, he was more upset when he couldn’t fit into any of his pants;
they wouldn’t fit around the waist. 
The zipper in one broke as he tried to squeeze into them.

Scott called me and said, “You have to take him shopping this weekend for clothes.”

“They all fit when he came home from college.”

“Now they don’t.”

Two days later, Scott texted me that he would be getting his car serviced. 
I strongly suggested that he take Will with him and go shopping for clothes.

The texting continued.

“No, no no!! I have no taste,” said Scott.


“As we know I have no fashion sense.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

“Just let him pick it out and you pay for it.  Good father/son bonding time.”

“Perhaps.  Probably bring him to the exchange.  Let him pick out some tactical pants and maybe some Dockers.”

He went online and found examples of different kinds of pants, then printed them off, thinking they might suit Will.

“You’re getting’ pants,” Scott said to Will. Then he hands Will the copies.

“What kind of pants are these?” asked Will.

“Tactical pants.  You know the ones with lots of pockets on the leg.”

“You mean cargo pants?    They’re on the same page as pants that are fire retardant”.

In my world, they would be excellent choices.  

Now if only they were zipper retardant too…

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Have a great zippered day.

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