Sunday, August 7, 2011

Can’t Stand the Smell

I couldn’t stand it anymore, I “Febreezed” the dogs.

I figured if it works on smelly couches, stinky tennis shoes and Will’s bedroom, why not the dogs.

They weren’t too keen on being Febreezed.  
Kaiser ran away, while Duke just stood there- he needed it the most and I suppose he knew it.  
Maybe they like how they smell.

This experiment might actually be working. 
I just have to make sure they don’t lick it.

I know it won’t take care of their burps and “foofs” (Scott uses this term and it’s nicer that fart) but they smell like dogs. 

I thought about letting them stand in the rain, but we haven’t had enough rain to make them smell like wet dogs.
The dogs hate getting a bath.  When they get one, I get one too.  

I thought about taking them to the car wash in Swansboro.  
Rumor has it, there is a dog wash cubicle next to the brushless car bays.  
Maybe you corral the dogs in a pen and colorful, foamy soap squirts from all directions, and then hoses them down in clean water.   
If only it was true.

Until I find the automatic dog washer, Febreeze will have to do.

Wishing you good smelling days.  Email me at or visit me on Facebook,
Helen Aitken.  

Have a wonderful day.

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