Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I like all the people that deliver things to me.

I love the mail person.  
She takes care of all my weird mail and drops off all the boxes that come, even though they weigh too much, rarely leaving me a pick up slip.  
I try to give her a bottle of water and store made cookies.  
I think I have her fooled with the cookies.

The UPS people come to my house at least once a week. 
They all know my dogs and even though they believe one day Duke and Kaiser will come through the storm door and eat them alive, they bring me packages with a great smile.

I don’t get many things from FedEx but the carriers come to my house with a congenial attitude.  
Today, the FedEx woman came by.  
The dogs greeted her at the door, so I went there thinking I needed to sign something.

A petite, Hispanic speaking woman, maybe in her 30’s, met me at the door and began to dance on the deck.
Try to imagine her heavy accent as we have a conversation.

“I just put a letter over here and it just fell,” she said.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

She pointed to the top step of a stepladder that Scott hadn’t put away from washing his car.

“I just put the letter here and it fell down.  Do you have one of those things that grab?” making an open and closing motion with her hand. “The letter went between and it’s on the ground.”

I looked in the cracks between the deck boards and there was a letter.  
The crack was probably an eighth of an inch wide; it was hard to believe something could drop through it.
Looking at the label I knew it contained documents from our mortgage refinancing, so I had to retrieve it.

“Do you have a stick we can get it with?”  She moved off the porch, looking at the lattice work closing off the side of the deck.

“No.  But my husband left out the car vacuum cleaner and we can suck it out.”  
I pulled out the hose and several of the plastic tubes, attached them together and handed it to her.  
I uncoiled the plug but it wouldn’t reach the outlet.

“I need an extension cord”, and went into the house.

When I came back the FedEx woman was shouting, “I got it.  I got it.”
I don’t know how she grabbed it and pulled it through the lattice screen, but she did, and without the vacuum.

“This is great.  Thank you.”

“I have to give you a hug for helping me get that letter,” and she threw her arms around my neck.

“This was really important.  Thank you again.”

She practically skipped back to the truck, so happy not to have to tell her supervisor she dropped a letter in a crack between deck boards. 
I suppose a crew would have been called to take apart the latticework, if the vacuum didn’t work.  
I imagine she’s never had that kind of accident, so she probably won’t tell anyone.  

But I just did.

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