Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene is coming.

Not Aunt Irene, or the song about Irene, but Hurricane Irene. 
She’s going to be a bad one.

And, today’s my birthday.
I think having a volcanic eruption would be worse, you know, a Mt. St. Helen’s eruption on my birthday.... 

Thankfully, this hurricane isn’t named Helen, but it was close. 
Irene is just one letter after Helen. “Whew.”

I’m not sure why there’s a fascination to name inanimate objects.
I realize boats, trucks and other machines are given “pet” names and many times, it’s a female one. 

Hurricanes are no exception, for years all hurricanes had female names. 
Several years ago, male names began to appear. 
I think North Carolina women had enough and demanded equal male time.  All the references to Southern women having lots of “hot air” didn’t cut it.

Can’t it just be hurricane 1? 
Before it became Hurricane Irene, it was Tropical Storm # 9. 
It could have been called Hurricane 9, but that would probably confuse someone into thinking that there had been 8 hurricanes before that. 
Thankfully, there weren’t 8 before that.

Now, a committee sits in session deliberating on names for a decade at a time and you can submit a name for consideration. 
The last year I taught 7th grade hurricane awareness, I had a petite female student, with a Latino name, wanting her name as a hurricane.  She wrote up all the reasons why she deserved the honor and I submitted it to the committee.  It wasn’t time for the session, but they sent a letter back to the girl saying they would consider it.   She was so proud. 

Don’t you feel sorry for the person that the storm has been named for? 
Imagine the jokes. 

“Irene just blew in here.”

“Tell Irene to blow it out her…” 

“Boy Irene is really a CAT 4 today.”

You get the picture.

Well, Irene is approaching my area of North Carolina and she’s so forceful, we will not stay through it.  

I suppose you could say we are “chicken” but “smart” would be the better  term.
We’ve packed up all the papers, my office (which takes up most of the car), some clothes and the cats and dogs. 
The animals will be travelling in separate vehicles. 
I have to remember to get the Dramamine for the cats- they get carsick and it will knock them out for the ride, otherwise they say “raaoow” all the way.

The dogs had a spa treatment yesterday, they will easy to transport, and Scott won’t have to Febreeze them. 

For everyone on the East Coast, stay safe and dry. 

Come on Irene, just say “Goodnight”. 

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Stay safe.

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  1. Happy birthday to my favorite science teacher/volunteer/travel lover. Be safe. XO