Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Going Viral or Virus

On Saturday and Sunday, I signed my humor book at the Craven Arts Festival, in New Bern, N.C.  
It was a weekend full of laughter, networking and making new friends.  I actually sold a few books too.

One of the vendors provided a great videotaping service to any of the other vendors for a small donation to the Arts Council.  
NewBernNow.com videotaped authors while telling about their books.  
Wendy Card, owner, producer and humor lover, was so much fun to work with.  She kept me laughing, so I threw out one-liners all weekend, and made her laugh too.

For me, it would be an opportunity to share my book and a little of me.

I agreed to do this on Sunday after vowing to wear the “right top and pants.”  
I couldn’t afford 10 more pounds with the wrong outfit.

I told Scott Saturday night that I needed to prepare some sort of skit for the video.  
The humor book needed a humorous take. 

“I’ll be videotaped and it will go on the NewBernNow.com site, then it will be released on U Tube.  I will be going ‘viral’.”

“No, Jeanne Robertson went viral.   You’ll just go virus.”

I told Wendy that I wanted to do the video in the bathroom stall. 
She laughed but wasn’t surprised.

When we set up, another author, Karen Dodd was just walking into a stall.  “Are you filming in here?”

“Yes, I’m going to do my video in here.”

“Well at least let me finish before you start.”

We waited.

I’m including the video link and I hope you like it. 

Let me know if you think I may go “viral” or “virus”.

I'd love to hear from you.  Write me at aitken.helen@gmail.com

Have a happy day.

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