Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day, What an Oxymoron…

The concept of Labor Day used to be to celebrate the end of summer, the beginning of the new school year and cooler weather. 

It was supposed to be a time to celebrate the amount of tax-free days after that day.

It was supposed to mean the last vacation day before starting a four-day workweek.

Furthermore, it used to be the last time to wear white.

Boy, have times changed.

Now, Labor Day is for laboring. 

Labor Day is a day to clean up and pack up before driving 6 hours home with animals or children, and then washing the dirty clothes, cleaning the kitchen and getting things ready for the next workday. 

If we stayed home, the weekend began with all the great projects, but can’t be finished in the time frame, so it is unfinished and an eyesore until there’s time to finish, whenever that is. 

Or, I get the urge to start painting or doing massive work in one day.  
Why do I always do this?

Yippee, it’s Labor Day, so let’s labor.

Now, if only there was a “Take a day off after Labor Day” Day, maybe I would be relaxed and ready for the rest of the workweek, or actually finish that painting…

Have a safe and stress-free Labor Day.  I'd love to hear from you- email me at

Take care.

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  1. "Labor Day, schmabor day,
    What a big bore....
    To hire a jerk then send him away,
    To celebrate work by playing all day."