Monday, September 19, 2011


Most football fans have favorite teams to root for year after year, always optimistic about the next season, if this season doesn’t go their way. 

I know people that love football so much, that they don’t care what team is playing. 
If there was a marathon of games on the weekend, these diehards would be on the couch until the bathroom called, or Domino’s Pizza is delivered, and the bathroom called again.

I like football; I don’t love football.  
However, I do love to go to Pirate football games and I love to see the Pirate mania.

Each team identifies with specific colors and mascots.  
The ECU Pirates wear purple and gold. 
We’re not talking violet, lavender or maroon, but royal purple and bright gold.
You know, manly colors...

Can you guess the ECU’s favorite song played on the field?
It’s “Purple Haze” by Jimmie Hendrix.

The Pirate football team run from a tunnel covered with a huge pirate skull, and out its mouth.  
They are led by two mascots; one is Pee Dee the Pirate, and the other is a hunk of a guy who could make me wash the poop deck anytime.

These mascots feed the imaginations of everyone in the stands, if you know what I mean.

Both mascots carry swords and are dressed in costume.  
Pee Dee wears a huge head envious by Mr. Potato Head standards, while Mr. Pirate is bare-chested, bronzed skinned and carries a sword and pistol.  He’s the stuff maidens dream of, after reading trashy romantic novels.

Mr. Pirate remains on the field while the players rush on and then appears at the beginning of the 4th quarter to raise the red pirate flag- the one with the skull and cross bones and “No Quarter” printed underneath.   
Then there are 3 gong sounds and a fight to the last second of the game.

The crowd goes wild, and I’m right there with them; being swept away by all the Pirate mania.


May your football days be like Pirate mania.  I'd love to hear your football stories.  Email me at

Have a wonderful day.

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