Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Conference Name Tags

I returned from the South Carolina Writers’ Workshop, and I feel energized about new projects. 
If you’ve never been to a conference, it’s usually staged in a big hotel with all the bells and whistles provided, like meals, a great program and a nifty name badge.
The SCWW conference has nice name badges.

You can always tell the good conferences from the cheap ones by their name badges.  
Avoid the ones that only provide the sticky peel-off name tags, where you have to write your name with a magic marker each day.  
I like to write Queen Helen on the tag just to see if anyone curtsies.

I’m sure the sticky nametag manufacturer wants to ensure that the nametags “stick”. 
These tags are notorious for peeling layers of fabric from your jacket or shirt. 
That means that you have to position a new nametag in other places so that your jacket becomes threadbare all over.  

Some nametags are so sticky, that I abscond blank ones and use them instead of duct tape at home.

The sticky name tag also indicates the kinds of snacks the conference will provide.  
I guarantee that the bagels will be from the week-old bread center, the fruit will be leftovers from the last convention and the cream cheese will not be recognizable.

If you’re lucky, the name badge will be on a nice neck chain or cord which won’t chafe you gentle skin and has a pouch for incidentals.
For me, it provides something better. 
I mean it becomes my purse.  
Actually, it's my tiny purse.
I think you probably know that I use a purse as others do overseas luggage.

However, in a professional setting, transporting a purse on wheels among conference goers, going up and down corridors can be slightly embarrassing.  
I don’t want to look like I’m getting ready to set up a booth, or on my way to do a little hotel carpentry.

So, I carry the next-best thing, the name badge.  
For me, it becomes a name satchel.

It is important that the name satchel be made of sturdy plastic and the clip, heavy duty.  
I like the long ones that stay out of my way and provide a barrier from food spillage.

Perhaps I should wear a name satchel all the time.  
The little pocket would protect my clothing from food I’ve dropped, and then maybe catch something for later.

The name satchel is handy for holding all my necessities. 
I make sure it holds my hotel key and some money for a Mountain Dew, because no conference provides that.  
Maybe I should go to a Mountain Dew conference…

Then I add 4 Tylenol, 3 safety pins, lipstick, a miniature conference schedule, magnifying glass for the schedule, breath mints for the coffee drinkers, Tums, and a sleep mask for those dark meetings when I can get some shut-eye.

Yes, the name satchel is an invaluable tool for the conference attendee.

Next time, I’ll tell you what you can do with the conference tote bag.

I'd love to hear about your nametag experiences.  Email me at

Have a great day.

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  1. Very amusing, Helen. Also,I'm looking forward to reading your book you kindly gave me. Have a good one.