Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Howling children

Being in charge of a baby when you’re out shopping can be a hassle.
Yet, I feel sorry for the baby, not the ones too young to recognize anything, but the ones that are tied to a stroller with only the hands and arms free to move. 
I’m not sure I’d like that either.

Cruising through aisles and walking down mall avenues can be interesting.  
If the adult stops, the child needs some action, like feeling a mink coat while holding a lollipop, or pulling off the mannequin’s hand to play with this in the stroller.

I understand the Zen of shopping but the kids need their Zen too, whatever that may be.

Sometimes I feel sorry for grandmothers pushing their little darlings while they shop.
Most of the time the kid is screaming, howling for attention before the gra’ma looks their way.
I can’t blame her, that $400 Gucci purse on clearance for $399 is such a bargain.

When I walk by that scenario, I feel obligated to help.  
I like to wave to the child, look away and maybe play “pee-pie”. 
One of two things generally happens: the child becomes distracted for a few moments and waves back, or the opposite occurs and she screams bloody murder. 

Today, she’s screaming and customers from everywhere stare at me.
That’s my cue to leave.  

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Have a great day.

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