Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Keep’em Closed…

Have you ever seen the movies where there the dead body has his eyes open?  
The hero gently closes the dead person’s eyelids and it’s a dramatic moment. 

I saw a movie recently with that scene and it made me think of a guy I used to date.  
He could fall asleep with his eyes open.
The hairs on my arms still stand up thinking about it.

Jake came over one afternoon to watch a football game.  I went into the kitchen to make snacks.
Either he was bored, or I took too long because when I returned, he was laying on the couch staring at the TV.

I put the snacks on the coffee table and started to speak to him, when I heard a gentle snoring.
He was snoring with his eyes open.
It freaked me out.
And, why wouldn’t it?

Growing up, my bedroom was located next to my sister’s.  Joanne would fall asleep with her bedside light on.  In the middle of the night, the light would shine in my bedroom and wake me up.  I would get out of bed and turn her light off.  

One night while doing this, she got up out of bed, walked past me, down the stairs and went to the kitchen.  She opened the refrigerator door, stuck her head inside for a moment and then retraced her steps back to bed.  Her eyes were open but she was asleep.

I heard that waking someone while sleepwalking could be traumatic; unless it was a matter of safety, it was better to let the person return to bed without contact.
The next morning I reported what happened and she was clueless. 

Similar episodes occurred that year and then they stopped.  Each time she was unaware of what she was doing, her eyes were wide open, and I followed her to make sure she didn’t fall down the stairs, or eat my Jell-O. 

Jake wasn’t sleepwalking and it unnerved me.  
What if someone had come into the apartment and seen him?
He could have been a corpse and I’d be the CSI suspect, as a black widow, poisoning the boyfriend who unsuspectingly ate my food.

When I gained my composure, I wondered how to wake this open-eyed sleepy guy without causing mental or physical injury to him or me.
Should I tap him on the shoulder or speak his name softly?

I chose the chicken way out and from the other side of the room, turned the TV up to the “explosion” decibel level and watched him leap off the couch, his eyes still open and glazed over.
He blinked and I apologized for the noise.

I’m sure that when he was with his friends, at sometime he dozed off. 
I’m also sure that they played tricks on him.  
Who knows he might have been their Halloween prank on other people.

He was such a great guy with that one little flaw. 

Could I get used to it?
I would demand a sleep mask and he would have been insulted.

We had a great time watching football but the eyes-open bit unnerved me so much that the friendship didn’t last much longer.

I felt like I had been on a Seinfeld’s episode.  

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Get some rest and close your eyes...

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