Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tight isn’t right

Nothing ruins a shopping experience like wearing something tight on the body: tight pants, tight shirt, tight shoes, and especially tight underwear. 

It even bothers me to see others wearing tight clothing and provides the inspiration for catty conversation in the mall. 
I suppose if you want to attract attention and be the talk of the town for the day, then by all means, stuff yourself into your preteen jeans.

Tight things should only be worn by professional bicyclers or swimmers.
They wear tight clothing so that their aerodynamics or hydrodynamics aren’t disturbed; they have a legitimate reason for wearing tight clothing. 

I prefer comfy, loose everything, although “loose” can go overboard too.  
My definition of loose is “flowing or non form-fitting," not huge, baggy or big enough to house a three-ring circus.

I want to breathe when I walk, sit or stand.  
I want the pleasure of examining beautiful purses, sampling the counter’s perfumes and walking through the men’s department without goggling eyes following me, in a bad way.

I want to be a fashion statement, not a statement of bad fashion. 

I think that shoes and bras are alike; they should protect and hold in the goods while striving to make one look younger.  They should be pretty, having straps that don’t become part of the outfit; like children, “they should be seen but not heard."

They shouldn’t squeeze the pinkie toe or stick out like Mt. Rushmore.  
They should never be pointy, or tight enough to cut off circulation. 
Furthermore, they shouldn’t interfere with your posture or make one miserable any length of time.…

Shoes are also like panties; if the outline cuts the skin and can be detected from 100 yards away, don’t wear them.

So, don’t stuff me in anything, because tight isn’t right.

Seen any tight jeans lately?  I'd love to hear from you.  Email me at

I hope you have a great day. 

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