Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Writer's Adventure

Writing is such a passion for me.
I write everyday, usually from four to fourteen hours a day so I must love it.
I write snippets for this humor blog and then longer creative nonfiction short stories.
It's amazing the number of things I work on at any given time, usually six to ten items, from newspaper articles to lesson plans for my creative writing classes.

I also love to read about writing.  
I know that may sound boring.  
Most writing books are okay to read.
However if it's a writing book written badly (this sounds ironic but I've read lots of these too), I skim through it, use what I need and then toss it.  
I think of it as a $9.95 textbook and it's not as painful as sitting in a boring class for thirteen weeks. 

You also need to know that my classes are never boring...

I love reading about humor, how it's written, the different types and I hope my humor writing is improved.
Perhaps I need to start reading about how to cook, clean and finding the joy in both...

I just received three "stand-up" comedy books and I can't wait to dive into them.
My son Will, about had a heart attack when I told him I might try stand-up comedy.
He's been doing routines for about four years now.  
I've tried to give him constructive criticism, but he is in "a different generation and I don't know what's funny for his peers."  
Maybe not, but I'd like to try.
Will told me I could try out my routine in the "old folks home" and it wouldn't matter if anyone laughed, they'd probably be asleep anyway...

I think he just threw the gauntlet down and I'm up for a laughable challenge. 
I'll let you know if I become the headliner at Shady Palms...

In the mean time, I've got some really exciting news.
This is a big weekend for me! 
I will be attending the S.C. Writers' Workshop in Myrtle Beach and will see 3 agents about my new manuscript... my butterflies have become dive-bombing eagles.  

My humor book has gone into the 2nd printing and I plan to give away about 50 copies to every agent, editor and publisher representative I can find.  
I'll also be selling/signing my book at the event on Saturday.   

I packed my toothbrush, three deodorant varieties and clean underwear... 

I'll let you in on my adventures next week.  
Until then, have a great day and I'd still like to hear from you.
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